Lock in your MarchFest 2018 ticket for just $35

By purchasing a ticket you automatically agree to MarchFest Terms and Conditions

Under 18s free but must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Proper identification is the responsibility of the attendee. Failure to present proper, valid photo identification (license or passport) will result in denial of entry with no refund offered.

If you make a group ticket booking, everyone in the group must enter the venue at the same time along with the main ticket holder. 


Purchase tickets online or at the below outlets:

The Free House
95 Collingwood Street Nelson

I-SITE Visitor Information Centre

77 Trafalgar Streets Nelson

Richmond Mall Information Centre Cnr Queen, Croucher & Talbot Streets Richmond, Nelson  – CASH ONLY


What is included in my MarchFest ticket?

Purchasing a ticket to MarchFest in 2018 includes – entry to Founders Heritage Park, one MarchFest souvenir beer or wine glass, access to all the new specially crafted beers, all live music actsentry to the Brew Zone and Kids Zone and a wide selection of food stalls to choose from. All drinks and food must be purchased with MarchFest tokens. The Gourmet Food and Beer Matching Lunch is offered at an extra cost each year, this event is an additional cost to your entry ticket.


Token Information:

MarchFest money is in the form of tokens. This is what you will buy your beer and food with at MarchFest.

1 drink/food token costs $2, you can purchase these at the many TOKEN stalls found inside the park on event day.

  • Beer taster $2 (1 token)
  • Half glass of beer $4 (2 tokens)
  • Full glass of beer $8 (4 tokens)
  • Wine in a beer glass $6 (3 tokens)
  • Wine in a wine glass $6 (3 tokens)
  • Bottle of wine $34 (17 tokens)

Please Note: Unused 2018 tokens can be exchanged for cash until 10 pm in the Windmill Entrance/Exit Hall or;
at The Free House until 31st March 2018 with any beverage purchase.  


Souvenir Glass:

* Dishwasher Info: MarchFest souvenir beer glass branding is kiln baked to 580c but because the glasses are “heat treated” the branding company cure them to 140c. According to the ink specs, the branding should last a minimum of 100 washes, depending on the cycle of the dishwasher and how caustic the detergent is. In summary, they should be pretty good

Founders Heritage Park

Set in the beautiful traffic-free environment of Founders Heritage Park, it is the ideal venue to celebrate Nelson Tasman’s hip harvest hop festival. Click below for more information.

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